The symbol of every Gaedheal is the Éirí Gréine (Rising Sun) across an Ghaedhealtachd and this is the story for thousands upon thousands of years ago, and the Rising Sun is a big massive part of the history of na Gaedheil or ancient history of every Gaedheil also.

There are nineteen (19) rays of the sun on the flag:

They are in memory of the rising / rebellion of the Jacobites in 1719 when Gaedheil from every land came together to fight against Sasuinn (England) and other foreigners for the freedom of Albainn in that time. Soldiers from Gailíse under the flag of Spáinn (Spain) came and volunteer soldiers agus warriors came from Éireann agus Mannain and other warriors from Albainn in that year.

They are in memory of the rising that was started on the 19adh day of August in the year 1745 when the Gaedheil started the great rising and incredible victory against Sasuinn (England) for eight (8) months between 1745 gu 1746 and they came (na Gaedheil) almost towards a massive victory against Sasuinn (England) in that year.

They are in memory of the Declaration of Independence or the Declaration of the Independence of Éireann on the 21adh day of the month of January in the year 1919, when the Gaedheil established native government in Éireann and they put the Republic back again in that time (restored the Republic).

We put blue on the flag because it was the old colour of na Gaedheil across an Ghaedhealtachd and across the waves (across the world) also. Blue was the national colour of Éireann til 1642 when na Gaedheil of Éireann started using green during the war then. Blue is still the national colour of Albainn and Gailíse today.

The True Gaels will be banished away across the waves,

Toward exile in every western and eastern country across the world

They will be without land and without money / wealth at them,

And there will be anger and poverty growing at them day by day because of that.

A fleet of an eastern land will come to an Gaedhealtachd,

And the True Gaels will be in that fleet there,

They will return home again without delay,

And they will break defeat the foreigners in battle on the sea,

And there will be freedom upon the Gaels at home again.

After that, the True Gaels will fight a very fierce war on the mainland of an Gaedhealtachd,

And that war will be very fierce and very long,

There will be a final great battle on the Plains of the Currach and the Gaels together will win that,

And true freedom will come towards and upon the Gaels after that

Red River English

On this day we would like to breathe fresh life into our mission and the goals which drive our grassroots movement.

1. That we the Gael stand together as a multi-faith people spread across the old Gaedhealtachd of Ireland, Scotland, Man and Galicia, as well as, the many Gael driven across the world to far off lands.

2. We seek to reconnect with the Gaedhealtachd established by the Gael displaced throughout our history, including: Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, North Carolina, Appalachia and parts of Australia.

3. We seek recognition as a historic ethnic group working towards the strengthening of our language and culture for young and old, from generation to generation.
4. We advocate for the traditional islands of the Gael, on the most western part of Europe, be renamed and reffered to as the Celtic Isles as a more respectful and accurate name for the geographical area of Ireland, Scotland, Man, Breton, Cornwall, Wales, Britain and Galicia.

5. We advocate for the inclusion of decolonizated language, history and culturally respectful education in Gaelic across the Celtic Islands and Turtle Island (North America).

6. We work to establish a global Assembly of the Gael and return self sovereignty to the Gaelic people and a means to advocate on behalf of thier own communities across the world. Assembly of the Gael will be a road to bring together representatives from across the Gaedhealtachd, new and old, to campaign for the best interests of all the people.

7. We recognise and advocate for the return of traditional lands to the Gaelic people who withstood displacement and the right to return to the traditional Gaedhealtachd for those driven away.

8. We work towards winning proper recognition of Ár Mhór na Gaedheal (from 1845-1852) and the 6.2 million that were slaughtered in Éireann, and the 3 to 4 million that were slain in Albainn. This genocide was the last of five suffered by the Gaelic people under the colonial rule of the English and was caused by forced food removal carried out by over half the British army and how almost all resistance to the food removals was exterminated. It was not a 'famine' as has been historically recorded, but a deliberate act of genocide upon a group of human beings.

9. We work to highlight The Clearances of the Gael in both Ireland and Scotland, but particularly in Scotland from 1746-1993, when thousands have been banished from Scotland and continue to be pushed off their traditional land to this day.

10. We work to promote and encourage the revival of the Gaelic language in all it's diverse forms across the global Gaedhealtachd.

11. We work to research and advocate for the restoration of traditional Gaelic names to Gaelic areas, and when this not possible birth fresh Gaelic names with respect to the original inhabitants of the land and their history.

12. We work to support and advocate for the conservation and reintroduction of indigenous animals and vegetation to the land they origiante out of, as well as, responsible management of invasive species to encourage biodiversity across all lands.

With the Blessing of God, the Son of God and the Gaelic Saints above in the Mass of Heaven, the Sun and the Powers That Be, we hope for a bright and bountiful growing season to come.