Gaeluinn Tuadh Mhumhan

Aghaidh Fidil: a mask worn on the face, usually by Buachaillí Dreoilín / na Wrenboys
Bladar: coaxing or flattering talk - don't pay attention to his bladar

Cannranaí : a person who is always complaining
Ceatharnach: a big heavy bully
Clab: open mouth – shut your clab!
Clog: a blister - he had a clog on his hand
Daltín: a blackguard or scoundrel
Dreach: an expression on the face - if you saw the dreach of him

Feistithe: tidy
Folt: a mop of hair on the top of the head
Griosach: ashes containing burnt embers
Lab: a catch or bargain - I did not see that it was any great lab
Lúidín: the little finger - I would not give my lúidín for him

Maicín: spoilt child
Óinseach: a foolish / silly woman
Seápail: messing around
Sibín: an illegal public house

Sliseóg – a splinter of bog deal stuck in the hob to give light
Séadaire: a mean man or a young man without manners
Slog: a big swallow of drink – he drank it all in one slog
Smacht: parental control
Sucai: a pet bonabh (young pig) or a weaning calf

Bí bí: used to call turkeys
Túic túic: used to call hens
Hurrais hurrais: used to call pigs

Ag fanacht an t-sluagh: pregnant
A' giota beag: not much
An giota diabhal a h-aon: none at all