we have 12 focal points which inform our outreach:

1. That we as Gaedhil are embarking on a new revival and campaign for rights. And that we are the one single multi-faith people spread across the traditional Gaedhealtachd of Éireann, Albainn, Mhannin and Gailíse.

2. That we recognise and will reach out to the many millions of Gaedheal across the world exiled in far off lands some of which have become part of the Gaedhealtachd itself. Talamh an Éisc, Oileán Naomh Eoin, Albainn Nuadh, Ontario, Caróilín Thuaidh, Appalachia and parts of Australia and other places are apart of our Gaedhealtachd across the world. We recognise that we are an ethnic group much persecuted that will work with towards bringing our language and culture back to as many of our exiled people and to restore the many Gaedhealtachdaí nua also

3. That the native islands of the Gaedheal on the most western part of Europe be renamed the Celtic Isles from now on as it is a far more true and accurate name as Éire, Alba, Mhannin, Breatain Beag, An Corn, Cumbreag, Briontáin and Gailíse are in and around them and that the Sasanaigh are but a minority on these islands.

4. We will work and campaign for education departments especially for Celtic Studies for every university across Dúthaich nan Craobh (North America) which will also teach our history, culture and languages.

5. We will work towards and establish Dáil nan Gaedheal which will be the sovereign assembly of all our people no matter where in the world they are. Dáil nan Gaedheal will bring together representatives from across the Gaedhealtachd at home and abroad, and it will work, campaign and speak up for the best interests of all our people.

6. That we will promote and encourage the revival of spoken Gaeilig across the world especially among exiled Gaedheal. That we will also work to preserve our language which is Gaeilig in the other parts of the global Gaedhealtachd.

7. That we as Celts are a distinct ethnic group and that we are also Gaedheal who are apart of the Celtic people.

8. That we recognise and will seek the Right of Return for all our exiled people scattered across the world. We will demand and work towards their Right of Return to the Gaedhealtachd and all the lands of the Celts.

9. That we will also work towards winning proper recognition of Ár Mhór na nGaedheal from 1845-1852 and the 6.2 million that were slaughtered in Éireann and the 3 to 4 million that were slain in Albainn. That this particular genocide was the last of five suffered by our people under the rule and invasion of Sasainn. We will work to promote the truth of the Holocaust of 1845-1852 in Éireann agus Albainn and how it was caused by the forced food removals carried out by over half the British army and that only one crop failed the potato and how all resistance to the food removals was almost exterminated. That it was not a ‘famine’ as that means a shortage of food but a straight up genocide of our people.

10. That we will work to highlight Fuadaichean nan Gaidheal in both Éireann but particularly in Albainn and how countless thousands if not millions were banished from Alba from 1746-1993 and how it too was a horrific act of genocide upon our people na Gaedhil. We will also work and campaign for the land to be returned to the Gaedheal (it’s rightful people) and the Right of Return for all the descendants of those banished during Fuadaichean nan Gaidheal.

11. We will work towards education for our youth through our native language and we will promote and encourage links between all parts and lands of the Gaedheal. We will work to ensure our youth have access to free universal education which is competitive and job worthy. As part of this ethnically based education we will research and restore original Gaelic names to all areas of the Gaelic lands and where names can not be recovered, new Gaelic names will be created. We will ensure Gaelic is the official language of the Gaelic homelands, with no secondary language set up as its equal.

12. We will encourage and promote inter-generational support and encourage our youth to help and support the elderly of the Gaedheal and to collect stories, lore and the history from them and how they saw these events. And will foster a tradition of dignity, respect and care for the elderly and orphans of our communities.